Give a little bit

December 10, 2009

As we were purchasing items for the tables at our reception, Jesse and I knew we wanted to have an unconventional guestbook. Each table had crayons and paper for people to either write or draw us a message. It was super cute, and we decided we would give any crayons left over to a local children’s hospital.

When the wedding dust settled there were only 4 crayon boxes left, but we still wanted to donate. A few weeks later, my wonderful grandmother sent me a check for my birthday like she always does. Usually she writes something along the lines of, “Get a little something for yourself,” or, “Chunky Monkey sounds good!” Suddenly, I had an epiphany!

Off we went to Michael’s to purchase the check’s amount worth of arts & crafts supplies. We got some markers, some modeling clay… a little bit of everything that we thought kids would enjoy. We were thrilled at the idea that we might be able to brighten a child’s day. This morning we dropped the supplies off to the lovely Ellen Good, manager of the Child Life department at the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. She said that the kids were going to have a holiday party today, so they could do some of the crafts we brought in. Yay!

It was great to know that we had helped, even just a little bit. I hope we can make this a regular thing, maybe every month or so. If these brave children have to stay in the hospital, especially over the holidays, at least now they have some fun things to pass the time.

If I get any cash for the holidays, I’m going to try to split it between my bank account (because groceries don’t just buy themselves!), more donations for the hospital and for my Relay for Life team in April. Do you have any charitable ideas for your holiday gifts?


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