Big Brother is watching you

December 22, 2009

No, I don’t mean the TV show; I mean your boss.

You’ve probably seen stories in the news about workers getting fired for looking at pornography at their workstation. Then there were bans on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites. But there is something else that many people do that they may not feel their employers would notice or care about, and they are wrong.

Fantasy sports are wildly popular. Not being a huge sports fan, I don’t really understand it or get the appeal. For true fans, however, it’s a game of strategy, percentages, statistics and a whole lot of sports knowledge. Jesse always has multiple fantasy baseball leagues, and currently has a few fantasy football leagues going. It might seem like a harmless way to pass time at work, but be warned – it could get you fired.

Some (but not all) fantasy sports leagues involved monetary betting. Even if there is no money involved, it is still viewed as gambling because you are competing against other people for an end goal (which might just be having the title of winner). So before you open up your Yahoo! account to check your teams, think about what is more important to you – making that trade or keeping your job.



  1. Even though they provide them, you should be wary of making your trades and such while at work. Just looking out for ya! And yay, Frank!

  2. The company PROVIDED football leagues for each department! Hehe. Frank won the Media Assets league, but I finished tied with him in the regular season. The playoffs just didn’t work out for me.

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