A few redeeming qualities

January 6, 2010

Twitter logoTwitter bird logo

I do not like Twitter. I know, I know. BLASPHEMY! But I’m trying to be honest with you, and sometimes the truth hurts.

Really, it’s a complicated relationship that I have with Twitter. Based on what you hear on TV, it seems like the strangest concept. Why would you want people to know what you are doing all of the time? Wasn’t Facebook bad enough? Yes, that is slightly hypocritical as I am on Facebook, but I certainly do not use it in the same way (or with the same frequency) that most people do. I just don’t get why people follow celebrities to hear them talk about their ridiculous exploits, see where they are going clubbing, or some other nonsense that no one really needs to know.

Maybe I am being unfair. I shouldn’t really group all Twitter feeds together. Really, I just dislike the self-serving tweets. It’s great to see news organizations using the service for breaking news. That makes sense to me. And there are others centered around something other than a celebrity that I can appreciate.

Even though I refuse to join, I do follow several Twitter RSS feeds (which you can do without signing up). May I recommend FakeAPStylebook, hilarious for anyone but especially so if you have any background in journalism, and MuppetsStudio, a must read for any Muppet fans who want to be in the know. Also check out the Muppets Studio YouTube channel for some fantabulous vids sure to brighten your day. I also follow my friend Jamie‘s two feeds, jdeloma and jamiedeloma. He usually posts things in the news or that are directly affecting him, which I care about since he’s my friend.

I’m sure there will be a few more accounts that will peak my interest as time goes on. If you have a suggestion for me, leave a comment. And if anyone wants to try explaining to me why Ashton, Demi and the like have so many followers, go for it.

Until then, I will continue along with my love/hate relationship with that strange little bird. Sorry, Jamie.



  1. You have a good point, Brandy. Thank you for chiming in!

  2. I believe that Ashton, Demi and the like have so many followers because people are bored with their own life. That’s why they need to hear these celebrities or other people “tweeting”. I actually like to hear tweets, but only from the birds in the morning. 😀

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