Mental overload

January 7, 2010

Do you ever find yourself feeling mentally exhausted, but you’re not really sure why? I know I do. I figured it was just me, that I was lazy or that my awful eating habits were catching up with me. Then last month I found this article and held onto it until after the holidays to share with all of you.

It seems that between all of the TV we watch, web sites we check out, radio/music we listen to, conversations we overhear, and every other thing surrounding us, the average American consumes 34GB of data per day. WHOA!

When I took a media production class in college in 2003, I bought a 20GB external hard drive for a little over $100 (now you can get a terabyte for that much; sheesh!). I filled that drive with class projects, music, pictures, documents… a fair amount of data, I thought. Now I find out that my brain is taking in more than that each day. No wonder I’m drained some days!

Next time I feel a bit sluggish and need to veg on the couch, at least I’ll know that I’m not lazy. My mental hard drive just needs to reboot.


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