But I’m scared of things flying at me

January 8, 2010

Anyone who knows me should be well aware of my lack of athletic skills. I’m not ashamed of this ineptitude. My sister has always been the athletic one while I was the creative. I’m really okay with that. I avoid situations where things might be thrown at me, and if something is tossed my way it will either end up hitting me or falling to the floor due to my inability to catch or get out of the way.

Now I’m hearing how TV is trying to go 3-D. HD isn’t real enough for some people. Now, they want to feel like they are getting tossed the ball or that the shark is gonna bite their face off.

There are several things that came to mind when I heard this news. We still have an older, standard definition TV. We are saving up for an HD one but they aren’t cheap and our current model still gets the job done. The new TVs that will be capable of fully showcasing 3-D TV will be even more expensive than the current plasmas & LCDs on the market. If I can’t afford to upgrade to HD, I sure as hell won’t be able to go 3-D.

Jesse is a big sports fan, and ESPN is a staple in our apartment. They plan to start up the first 3-D network and broadcast this summer’s World Cup in 3-D.

So this means that if we were able to access this channel, I would feel like people are kicking soccer balls at me? That’s kind of my nightmare. I’ll be ducking and weaving in my living room, paranoid that someone will knock me down or that I’ll get a cleat to the face. Not cool!

I must admit, though, that the thought of some Discovery Channel programs in 3-D is intriguing. Imagine feeling like you were really in the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean, or that you were surrounded by wildlife. That could be cool. But wouldn’t that minimize the appeal of specialized theaters at museums and aquariums that show 3-D movies like that now? Sure, the IMAX would still be a big draw, but wouldn’t people rather watch it in their pjs in their own homes?

Perhaps I just don’t appreciate the novelty of it. What do you think about 3-D TV?

Author’s Note: I wanted to add in this post I just found featuring a podcast that talks about consumers not necessarily being thrilled with 3-D TV. Updated 1/11/09



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