This Wii just got even better!

January 13, 2010

Attention Wii owners who are also Netflix subscribers – this Spring, Netflix streaming will be available for free on the Wii! I just read about this, and have already reserved my free CD. This is very exciting!

I’ve been a Netflix member since 2005 and absolutely love it. Once Netflix began streaming content online, I started to watch movies and any of their content available online. It will be glorious to have that content on my television screen instead of my lovely but small 15′ Macbook Pro monitor. 

And I just had a brainstorm… I wonder if, using the Wii’s Internet access, I can watch the TV episodes I stream online on my television set. I must try this when I get home! I will report back after my experiment with my success or failure.

Update Jan. 19 – sadly, the Wii runs the Opera browser, which is not supported by Fox, ABC and hulu’s online players. But you can watch YouTube clips, so I guess that’s something!



  1. i LOVE Netflix and i LOVE my Wii! I blogged about this too, as I’m also super excited =)

  2. Modern Family on an ACTUAL TV!!!

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