I don’t get it

January 27, 2010


Apple's latest - the iPad

Apple's latest - the iPad


Sorry for the delay in new posts. I took a mental break apparently, but will try to get back on track.

Even if you don’t want to be, I am sure that you will be bombarded with news today about Apple’s latest creation, the iPad. Everyone is talking about it (here’s NYTimes, CNET, Wired and TechTalk, just to pull a few from my RSS feeds), and I watched the demo video just a short while ago.

Now before I give my opinion, I would like to establish my relationship with Apple products. I had a first generation iPod shuffle that still works perfectly and currently have an iPod classic that I rarely leave home without. I have a 2 1/2-year-old MacBook Pro that I use at work and home which I adore (here are the new models). I work on iMacs every day here with the students, and think they are fantastic. One day, when we have some disposable income, I would love to have a Mac at home.

For the record, Jesse does not share my affinity for Apple products; he despises the iPod for only playing m4a files (while his Zune will play any audio files) and generally trashes Macs (unless, of course, he wants to use my laptop).

So after reading all about the new iPad, watching the video and hearing countless others weigh in, I really need to put this out there – I don’t get it.

Is it just me who thinks this wonderful, shiny new innovation looks really awkward? You have to sit with your knees up to balance it on your legs, or stare straight down at your lap or a tabletop to work on it. It appears significantly larger than a Kindle and even some of the new smaller laptops (here’s s Dell example). It appears to be a big brother of the iPod Touch, with a few new bells & whistles. And since so many people ran out to get a new MacBook, iPod Touch or iPhone, are these people now going to trade those in for a new, larger device that can really do pretty much everything they already have covered?

Unless someone can tell me something that would completely revolutionize my world, I really do not see a point to the iPad other than it being an excuse for tech geeks to snag themselves a new toy.

Thoughts? Comments? Lay it on me.



  1. The iPad will probably convert the e-books to some file unrecognizable by conventional Kindle’s

  2. Before I share my thoughts, please allow me to preface my comments. I, like Jesse, was once an Apple doubter, but have slowly become a believer.

    Now, with that said, I don’t see much practicality with the iPad. While I will probably get one, it will likely not be as soon as it is released. Having a small laptop and an iPhone, I simply don’t see the need for one — particularly since I am not a fan of e-readers.

    I think you are correct in your conclusion that, “It … [is] an excuse for tech geeks to snag themselves a new toy.”

    But then, again I have been wrong before.

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