Great way to get rid of evidence

February 8, 2010

People in high stress jobs often deal with a lot of paperwork. They may send reports back and forth dozens of times before they are finalized, or may print out copies for everyone at a meeting. Even though everyone seems to be trying to “go green” these days, there is still countless tons of corporate waste being jammed into shredders or dumped into recycling bins.

A brilliant invention has come along to take all that paper waste and put it right back into the company. According to this post, Oriental Co. has developed the White Goat system to convert paper waste into toilet paper. Check out the demo:

Think of all the TV shows, movies or news stories you’ve seen that have corporate bigwigs shredding documents when they are about to be hit up with federal charges. How brilliant would it be for them to use a system like this to take care of incriminating paperwork? “No officer, we don’t have any such files. Would you like to use our restroom?” Talk about hidden in plain sight!

Even without the hilarious aspects of this, I think White Goat is a great idea. It is a fast and effective way to recycle and provides real results back to the company. I would totally use it!

Thoughts? Comments? I’m intrigued!


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