NOT a good day

February 16, 2010

More snow in the area today, but it was the opposite of what happened last week. This time forecasters downplayed the system and it was far worse than last week’s storm. Let me just tell you how my day went. As you can probably tell already, I am NOT a happy chica.

It started to snow about an hour before I left for work today. I left the apartment at 1:15 to clean off my car (there was already about 2-3 inches on my car and plenty on the road), and gave myself what I figured would be more than enough time to get to work. Leaving my apartment complex, I was driving slowly heading to the highway. As I made the right turn for the onramp, my car freaked. I started to spin out. Thankfully, I stopped before I got to the side of the road, but ended up perpendicular in my lane. After a few cars passed me and I calmed my nerves, I repositioned myself and headed back towards the highway. Even though I had a nagging feeling that I should just head back home, another part of me figured that was the worst thing that could happen to me today.

I called my boss to tell him that I would be later than my 2 p.m. start time. As I slowly made my way to work, I thought about my severe lack of winter driving experience. Fortunately, I’ve only lost control of a car twice in my life, and neither incident was terrible. The first time was about 2 years ago. It was snowing pretty badly that day, and as I tried to make my way down to the store my car swerved left and I ended up on the median. Both that time and today I was very lucky. I hate driving in snow.

It took me about 30 minutes to make my normal 15 minute commute to work, but I was just glad to be there in one piece. I kept looking out the window as time marched on, and the snow grew heavier. Students were wondering why school hadn’t been cancelled since this was way worse than last week when we were closed. I wondered the same thing.

Word came that the university would close at 5 p.m., so we started locking up and sending folks home. My two coworkers and I stuck around until closer to 6, figuring that it was better to let the big rush out first. I got into my car at 5:56 to return home.

Getting on I-91 North, my ride generally takes 20 minutes (a different route than the faster one I take in good weather). Things were pretty snowy and slick, so I started out no faster than 30 mph. Suddenly, there were dozens of hazard lights ahead. All cars slowed to a crawl, and then stopped. For over 2 hours, I crawled and stopped along the 6 exits from the school to my apartment. I pulled into my parking lot at 8:10.

Not too long ago, my friend Jamie told me that I-91 was shut down for a while in my town due to excessive icing. Makes sense.

Today, I spent longer getting to and from work than I actually spent at work. Needless to say, I am not pleased and wished that I had just turned back when I spun out.

Care to share your winter driving tales? I’m sure mine is nothing compared to what you folks have, so feel free to vent here.



  1. as you know, I absolutely hate driving in the snow. Over the years I’ve had a couple of spin outs and I absolutely freak out.
    My new rule is as follows: if it’s too dangerous to bring out the buses for the kids to go to school,(which also means the plows don’t come out early) it is too dangerous for me to drive on those same roads to go to work. It’s just not worth taking the chance any more and if you do venture out and get to work, no one seems to care one way or another.

  2. You’ve already heard about my awful day in Middletown/Middlefield

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