Keeping it real

February 24, 2010

It seems there’s been a spike this week in people reading my post on youth weight struggles and public ideas of what it means to be beautiful. Thanks for reading, everyone. Here’s a followup.

I just saw this great piece about a model who decided to stop starving herself and find her own beauty. If only more people in the fashion and TV worlds would do the same.

I laugh out loud whenever I see the “plus-sized” models mixed in with the waifs on America’s Next Top Model. I find it ridiculous that people can be considered a plus-sized model starting at size 8 (according to multiple sources, but I’ll just link to one for now). Regardless of that craziness, I would personally love to see more people in clothing ads who look like real women. And why stop there? There are hardly ever comments on how unrealistic male models are – let’s get some more flesh on those bones, too!

Beauty comes in every size, shape, color, race, gender, religion, etc. Don’t let magazines or pop culture tell you what you need to look like. Only you can define yourself. Thank you, Crystal Renn, for helping to keep it real and for choosing health over stereotypes.

Do you think models accurately represent the population? What would you like to see in relation to changes in this industry? Maybe Tyra will take notice.


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