Officially HD (almost)

March 9, 2010

Nearly two weeks and no posts? What’s going on with me?! I am so sorry, blogosphere. I do hope you’ll accept my apology. I wish I could say that I’ve just been ridiculously busy and that’s why I didn’t post, but it really wouldn’t be true. The way I see it, I have a relationship with my readers (however few of you are out there), and I don’t want to spoil that with lies. I was neglectful, I apologize, and I hope to never let the posts fall for that long again.

Okay, enough apologies. On with the post!

This past weekend, Jesse and I moved forward into the great world of HD! Our fabulous new entertainment center (purchased here) and awesome 41″ TV (from here) have moved us light-years ahead of where we were three weeks ago when our TV pooped out on us. That’s right – we’ve been tube-less since Valentine’s Day, and I was starting to go crazy! It’s sad to realize how much I actually depended on the TV. I thought I was pretty good since most shows I watch online. But I was really at a loss.

We knew that we would make the upgrade whenever our old TV was finished, so this was a long time coming. And thankfully, we had a ton of gift certificates from the wedding that we had saved for this exact reason. So ever though it was a good chunk of change, it was one we had planned for and which was lessened greatly by the generosity of family and friends. Thanks, everyone!

As we await our HDMI cables (which should be arriving in the mail shortly from here), we currently have 720 HD loveliness. Soon, however, we will be full 1080! Honestly, I have no idea what that all means, but I do know that it will be even more awesome than it already is. Stellar!

Jesse also went for the DVR, despite my initial protest. How foolish I was! DVR is incredible! And being able to rewind live TV shows? Mind boggling and fantastic! (Can you tell I was TV deprived?)

While we don’t have a Bluray player – have you seen the cost of those things? – our current DVD/VCR combo up-converts, so our standard def VHS and DVDs will look even spiffier on the new widescreen. Hooha! 

Before I close, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to my faboo husband. Happy Birthday, Jesse!

Have you joined the HD revolution? If you have, what were your initial thoughts when you did? If you haven’t, can you share why?


One comment

  1. Once you have DVR you simply cannot go back! It’s LIFE CHANGING, I tell you!

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