Should still be proud

March 11, 2010


Bobcats v. Colonials, 3-11-10

Bobcats v. Colonials, 3-11-10 (from my camera phone)

Even though I had my doubts yesterday, I actually had a really great time at the QU men’s basketball game last night (thanks again, Glenn!). It was a tight matchup the whole way through, with neither team having more than a 6-point lead at any point in the game. But when the final buzzer sounded, the Robert Morris Colonials became the NEC champs, defeating the Bobcats 52-50.

My heart broke as I watched the Bobcats breakdown with emotion. They were visibly shattered, some inconsolable. Using their jerseys as tissues to wipe and cover the tears streaming down their faces, the players filed off court somberly. Coach Tom Moore gave a final, half-hearted smile to the fans remaining as if to say, “Sorry, everybody. We tried.”

What I want to impart on those devastated players is the reality of the situation. True, they didn’t make it to the NCAA tournament and will now have to hang up their jerseys until next year. But look at what they DID accomplish. If you ask me, they have a lot to be proud of. 

This Bobcat team was number 1 in their conference. They played hard all season, and gave it their all in the championship game. In just 3 short years, Tom Moore brought this team within 2 points of the NCAA tourney. The entire university watched them on their rise, and school spirit was riding high. The arena was packed with students, alumni, faculty, staff and local residents. They brought together the QU community and created an incredible feeling of unity around that court that I have never felt before. 

Once the disappointment fades, I hope that everyone, from the coaching staff and players to all of the fans in the QU community, will realize what a fantastic feat this was and let this season serve as fuel in the upcoming years for the Bobcats to burn even brighter.


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