Why shouldn’t she bring her girlfriend?!

March 11, 2010

Oh, this makes me angry, people. Brace yourselves.

According to MSNBC, a Mississippi school has canceled the prom after female student Constance McMillen wanted to bring her girlfriend as her date. Both students attended the school. It seems school officials would rather deny all students the chance to go rather than allow two people to go together.

Let me break this down a little here. One of your students wants to take another student to the prom, right? Sounds fairly standard to me. But wait – they’re lesbians? Nevermind, no can do. You have to take someone of the opposite sex with you (according to their school district policy).

That is ridiculous, for a variety of reasons. From what I’ve read this seems to be a public school with no religious affiliation. Are they trying to claim that being gay is wrong somehow? Says who? If people disagree with it, fine, but they should still be allowed to go together.

What about people who would just want to go with their friends? Does everyone who attends have to have a date? Would they be turned away if they went alone? What if someone brought a cousin of the opposite sex – would they be turned away because they’re related? Just how detailed are these policies?

The article also says that McMillen was also told she couldn’t wear a tuxedo. They can tell students how to dress now? It’s not like she wanted to show up naked or in a barely-there skimpy dress. She would be completely covered up. How can they possibly justify requiring women to wear dresses?

I would love to hear how the other students feel about the situation. Hopefully, they will all pull a Footloose and hold their own prom anyway. Maybe they will even crown McMillen and her date Prom King and Queen. That would rock. I’d vote for you, ladies!

Do you think a public school has the right to say who people can bring to a dance? Should they be able to restrict clothing choices to within stereotypical gender roles?


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