But I collect the stubs!

March 20, 2010


A few of the movie ticket stubs I found in my wallet

A few of the movie ticket stubs I found in my wallet

I’m all for trying to conserve resources and reduce waste. I have a ceramic mug at work so I don’t use paper cups. I bring in silverware so I don’t use plastic utensils. I read my assignments off my computer screen instead of printing out the sometimes lengthy readings. We have reusable bags that we [usually remember to] bring with us when we head to the supermarket. I really am trying to make steps in the green direction.

The other day, I read about a trial program starting at some theaters to replace paper movie ticket stubs with 2-D barcodes on cell phone screens. While I see how this could be incredibly useful for last minute ticket purchases and save long lines at the box office, I’m also bummed out.

I have almost every movie ticket stub since my mom, sister, sister’s friend and I went to see Spice World in 1997 (yea, and what?). These stubs remind me not only of all the awesome – and awesomely bad – movies I’ve seen, but also of the people I saw them with.

When I look at my ticket stubs from The Matrix Revolutions and Spider-Man 2, I don’t necessarily think about the movies. I remember my dad and I covering each other’s eyes when Neo and Trinity had a love scene (Matrix Rev) and when dad and I laughed hysterically at my sister after she slipped on the wet lobby stairs, was covered in the popcorn she just bought and limped into the theater covered in butter (Spidey 2). These memories are so precious to me, and those stubs are little ways to help me remember them.

I’m not saying that the movie industry shouldn’t proceed with the digital ticketing option. All I’m asking is that they please, please don’t get rid of the paper tickets for anyone who still wants it. They may mean more to people than you’d think.

How would you feel if ticketing became completely digital? Do you keep your old movie (or concert) stubs? Would you still want to have the option of a paper ticket even if everything goes all digital?



  1. Hahaha. It’s an automatically generated Monster ID. Looks just like you! 😛

  2. what in the world is that icon next to my comment?

  3. And boy, do I wish we had seen it! That image would be PRICELESS! 😀

  4. Oh man……that still makes me laugh out loud. The only thing better would’ve been for you guys to have seen the actual, slow motion fall.

  5. Those were our date nights! 🙂 I loved them, I love him, and I love you!

  6. Always remember when you look at those stubs that one of Poppa’s favorite things was to go to the movies with his girlies!!

  7. I hear ya! I have the ticket stub for every single concert I’ve ever been to. The memories really are priceless.

    And sometimes if I lose a ticket, I photoshop a copy of it so that I can add it in just to remember its existence!

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