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May 14, 2010

It’s a sad day for TV crime drama enthusiasts. NBC announced today that it is canceling the show that started them all, the original “Law & Order.” According to that article, the show was just one season away from breaking the record for longest-running drama, currently held by “Gunsmoke.”

Personally, I haven’t watched the show since Lennie Briscoe left (the late, great Jerry Orbach). Before then, it was my favorite of the L&O franchise, and among my favorite television shows. These days, I’m an SVU gal (Benson & Stabler, baby), but really only watch that in reruns. If I’m surfing the channels and find a classic L&O episode, I usually watch it. But gone were the days that I would seek it out.

Even so, I find it remarkable that NBC would allow this series to end so close to a major milestone in television history. Sure, ratings weren’t what they once were, but I would guess that most shows have reduced ratings in recent years due to the heavy use of Internet streaming, DVRs and TV on DVD. Why wouldn’t they suck it up for one more season to give the show a proper ending and to solidify its legacy?

It’s such a shame that this truly great show may not be able to say a real goodbye to all of its fans throughout the years. Hopefully, someone at a cable channel will give it a final farewell season to wrap up loose ends and give fans some closure. If not, thank you, L&O, for not only inspiring the wave of crime shows that fill the channels but also for creating a solid, well-written program that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Will you miss the original L&O? Will you not even notice it’s “gone” since it will be in reruns? Do you think NBC should have let it beat “Gunsmoke?”


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  1. I’m not really into the L&O thing so much, but my brother and mom can’t get enough. I need lots of over-arcing storylines – once that carry over throughout entire seasons. That said, L&O just isn’t my thing, but it definitely sucks that it was so close to breaking the record though!

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