Prince of Darkness 101

June 16, 2010

Even though I’m not proud of this fact, I will admit it – I didn’t become a fan of Ozzy Osbourne until MTV put his family on the air. I knew who he was, but didn’t start getting into his tunes until I saw the show. I watched The Osbournes every week, and even purchased the show’s soundtrack album (which has some great tunes on it, so check it out before you judge me!).

Here’s a clip that always makes me laugh. Ozzy and Sharon are checking out the stage setup for his upcoming tour, and the he’s not altogether pleased with what he sees. The video quality is terrible and it has German subtitles, but it gets the point across. WARNING: there are multiple “f”-bombs, so adjust your volume accordingly.

Soon after the show debuted, I learned more about the Prince of Darkness. Like many rockers, he was not kind to his body. All kinds of drugs (and mammals) entered his system for decades, and he continued to struggle with medications during and following the TV show’s run. Incredibly, he is still around and rocking the house.

He’s a fascinating man… and apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Scientists are now planning to study Ozzy’s genetic makeup in an effort to understand how the human body is able to withstand intense abuse. I’d love to see the results when they’re finished.

While they’re at it, maybe these scientists should also put in requests to Keith Richards and Scott Weiland. They would be likely also be interesting case studies.

Do you have any other suggestions for whom these scientists should bust out a Petri dish?


One comment

  1. I’m going to OzzFest on the 21st in Hartford! I’ve never seen Ozzy live…but I’m pretty excited (esp since Motley Crue is going to be there too!)

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