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You’re standing on my neck…

March 22, 2010


Daria Morgendorffer

Daria Morgendorffer

No way! Nick just made my month after I read his post about how the entire series of Daria is finally being released on DVD. I KNOW!!!

Needless to say, that has been added to my Amazon cart and I am  beyond ecstatic. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that there are only two people in TV history that I can completely identify with – Felicity Porter and Daria Morgendorffer. And I already have Felicity on DVD (thank you, Jesse!).

This is amazing news, and I cannot wait until May! “La la lalala. La la lalala…”

*Blog title taken from the Daria theme song*

Do you love Daria as much as I do? Are there any other shows that you have been anxiously awaiting on DVD?


But I collect the stubs!

March 20, 2010


A few of the movie ticket stubs I found in my wallet

A few of the movie ticket stubs I found in my wallet

I’m all for trying to conserve resources and reduce waste. I have a ceramic mug at work so I don’t use paper cups. I bring in silverware so I don’t use plastic utensils. I read my assignments off my computer screen instead of printing out the sometimes lengthy readings. We have reusable bags that we [usually remember to] bring with us when we head to the supermarket. I really am trying to make steps in the green direction.

The other day, I read about a trial program starting at some theaters to replace paper movie ticket stubs with 2-D barcodes on cell phone screens. While I see how this could be incredibly useful for last minute ticket purchases and save long lines at the box office, I’m also bummed out.

I have almost every movie ticket stub since my mom, sister, sister’s friend and I went to see Spice World in 1997 (yea, and what?). These stubs remind me not only of all the awesome – and awesomely bad – movies I’ve seen, but also of the people I saw them with.

When I look at my ticket stubs from The Matrix Revolutions and Spider-Man 2, I don’t necessarily think about the movies. I remember my dad and I covering each other’s eyes when Neo and Trinity had a love scene (Matrix Rev) and when dad and I laughed hysterically at my sister after she slipped on the wet lobby stairs, was covered in the popcorn she just bought and limped into the theater covered in butter (Spidey 2). These memories are so precious to me, and those stubs are little ways to help me remember them.

I’m not saying that the movie industry shouldn’t proceed with the digital ticketing option. All I’m asking is that they please, please don’t get rid of the paper tickets for anyone who still wants it. They may mean more to people than you’d think.

How would you feel if ticketing became completely digital? Do you keep your old movie (or concert) stubs? Would you still want to have the option of a paper ticket even if everything goes all digital?


Child tracking devices?

January 27, 2010

The mother of one of my elementary school friends has worked for a pretty wealthy family for quite a long time. Through that family, she got a dog named Holly that I wasn’t even really afraid of. (Did I mention my fear of dogs yet? Well, there that is.) I was fascinated by Holly because not only was she a very well-behaved, beautiful dog — sorry I don’t know breeds — but she was also pretty tech-savvy. Holly had something like puppy LoJack installed by her tail.

If you felt near her rear, you could feel a rather small computer chip that used GPS technology to track her down if she was ever stolen or ran away. At the time, it was unheard of and I thought that as long as it didn’t hurt the dogs then it was a really great idea. Now it is more commonly used, and has helped many sad pet owners to happily reunite with their furry friends.

The idea of embedding computer chips into humans has been around for some time. It was referenced in the 1995 film Johnny Mnemonic (Johnny was a data courier, with the information stored in a brain chip) and more recently in the television show Fringe (Walter Bishop implants a tracking chip into his neck so his son Peter can find him if he wanders off). A current Google search reveals more than a million results for articles, blog entries, etc., related to making this practice more common.

Why, you might ask, would I bring this random idea up? I read a piece recently discussing the pros and cons of using GPS technology to keep tabs on children (leaving a tracking device in their bag or something, not embedded in their skin).

Personally, I am not thrilled with this idea. Of course, I can understand parents’ fears about their child getting abducted, abused or worse. I watch SVU; I know what’s out there. But while it could provide some peace of mind in that sense, there are so many other things that could happen to kids that a GPS could never detect.

Really, my biggest issue with the whole kiddy GPS thing is that you are taking away your child’s privacy. A kindergarten student doesn’t need much alone time, and their parents or guardians should keep tabs on them. But as that child with a chip in their backpack grows up, they will know that they are being monitored. They may feel that they aren’t trusted, or that they need to act or live a certain way because they are being watched. It could dramatically affect their personality and inhibit them in a way that a lack of GPS technology wouldn’t. 

As I said, I do see both the benefits and the downsides to monitoring children in this way. However, I am definitely more con than pro.

What do you think about this technology? Would you ever consider planting a tracking device on your child?


This Wii just got even better!

January 13, 2010

Attention Wii owners who are also Netflix subscribers – this Spring, Netflix streaming will be available for free on the Wii! I just read about this, and have already reserved my free CD. This is very exciting!

I’ve been a Netflix member since 2005 and absolutely love it. Once Netflix began streaming content online, I started to watch movies and any of their content available online. It will be glorious to have that content on my television screen instead of my lovely but small 15′ Macbook Pro monitor. 

And I just had a brainstorm… I wonder if, using the Wii’s Internet access, I can watch the TV episodes I stream online on my television set. I must try this when I get home! I will report back after my experiment with my success or failure.

Update Jan. 19 – sadly, the Wii runs the Opera browser, which is not supported by Fox, ABC and hulu’s online players. But you can watch YouTube clips, so I guess that’s something!