The lifesaving app

January 21, 2010


Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GS


By now, everyone knows that the iPhone has an app for just about everything. You can keep up with the President’s latest doings, play super popular video games, and even use it as your remote control. But who would have thought that this device, seemingly designed as a primarily entertainment-driven gadget, could literally be a lifesaver.

I first read about this story yesterday in Wired, where they referenced this MSNBC piece. Dan Woolley lay under piles of rubble from his Haitian hotel, expecting his life to end following the January 12 earthquake. As he frantically wrote goodbye notes to his wife and children, he used a first-aid application on his iPhone to treat some of his wounds and set his phone alarm to go off every 20 minutes in an effort to avoid slipping into a coma or losing consciousness. He then waited 65 hours until he was miraculously rescued.

Um, hello Apple? Yea, I think you have a new spokesperson. What other phone manufacturer can make the claim that its product kept a man alive during an intense natural disaster? Not likely, Samsung. Fat chance, Motorola.

This is truly an amazing and wonderful story to hear about, especially in the midst of all the sorrow coming from this event. 

Has hearing this story changed your perception of the iPhone? Are you more inclined to get one, or to recommend it to others if you are already an owner?


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